Monday, July 13, 2009

The Story Continues

Without looking back, Jamie Kidd leaves the small Virginia town that he called home for the past six years. Heartbroken and drowning in despair, Jamie can barely face himself, much less his family or friends who know nothing of his hidden relationship. Packing in the middle of the night for a new life, Jamie drives until he lands in Miami. Feeling out of place in the tropical paradise known as South Beach, Jamie discovers a town where beauty and wealth outclass talent and skill. After a chance meeting with the gregarious editor of the SOUTH BEACH STAR, a trendy tabloid staffed with a motley crew of competitive social climbers, Jamie lands a job as an editorial assistant. As promised writing assignments never materialize, Jamie turns an invitation to a VIP party into an opportunity. His coverage of the celebrity party proves Jamie's talent and secure him the position as the STAR's weekly nightlife columnist and toast of the town.

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