Thursday, June 25, 2009


To be a star is everyone's dream. To be a star in New York you have to make it on Broadway, in Hollywood you need a hit television show or a top grossing movie, in Milan you have to be a world renowned fashion designer but in South Beach everyone, well practically everyone, thinks that he or she is a star or at least has dreams to become one. South Beach, the home of the beautiful, flamboyant and fabulous, was once the playground of models, celebrities, playboys, drag queens, gay circuit boys and millionaires. Today the party is over, well almost, and the developers have taken over, but in 1996 everyone was a star and the parties were incredible. And I was at every party.


Kelly said...

Those were some high tines Cubby!

Bibi Comic said...

Best of luck and can't wait to read the book!

Crissy22 said...

Those were the days..
Totally made my day reading your posts!

Crystal (Old Back Door Bamby dancer)